środa, 9 czerwca 2010

Lady Gaga Telephone - Outfits

The black and white outfit: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
The sunglasses: Mercura

The crime scene tape Brian Lichtenberg

The jumpsuit and chain outfit: Viktor & Rolf
The cigarette sunglasses and heels: Haus of Gaga

Studded jacket: Search and Destroy
Sunglasses: Chanel
Coke hair rollers and studded bikini: Haus of Gaga
Lady Gaga's vintage outfit and over-sized hat: Thierry Mugler
Beyonce's hat and outfit: Thierry Mugler

"Wonder cup pencil dress" and hat: Atsuko Kudo
The Mickey Mouse Sunglasses: Jeremy Scott

Clear silicone rubber dress: Rachel Barrett
Telephone hat: Fred Butler
Boots: Haus of Gaga
American flag bikini: Haus of Gaga
Boots: Christian Louboutin
American Flag dress: Oscar Olima
Bling jacket and shoes: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
The denim shorts: Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima

Leopard outfit: Haus of Gaga

Both wear cowboy hat with sheer draping: Emilie Pirlot

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